Mulch Selection In Owego, NY

At Got Mulch in Owego, NY, we specialize in offering high-quality mulch, topsoil, sawdust and so much more. Residents and businesses throughout Johnson City, Endicott, Endwell, Binghamton, Conklin, Vestal, Waverly, Spencer, Nichols, Montrose, Forest City, Little Meadows and surrounding towns throughout Broome and Tioga Counties, NY and Susquehanna County, PA have counted on us to provide and deliver high-quality products for landscaping and other projects for over 25 years. Whether you stop by our store to browse our selection of mixed hardwood, hemlock, color enhanced, playground fiber and many other kinds of mulch or request residential or commercial mulch delivery, you’ll be sure to be satisfied with the quality of our products.

We offer the following types of mulch:

Mixed Hardwood

100% hardwood bark blend from a variety of trees such as ash, oak, cherry and maple – no fillers or additives. An all-purpose mulch aged to maturity and double-ground to a uniform consistency. Mixed hardwood mulch is suitable for any environment, but is best used for basic garden mulch.

$32.25 per Cubic Yard / $5.00 per Bag


100% Hemlock bark, no fillers or additives – the premium mulch product offering an unequaled natural appearance and aroma. This product has the lowest pH and works well with berry bushes because of its soft texture. Aged to maturity and double-ground to a uniform consistency, the finished product will unify any landscape and complement any setting.

$50.25 per Cubic Yard / $5.65 per Bag

Color Enhanced

A blend of ground bark colored with a safe, high-quality and long-lasting colorants. Will not harm pets or flowers. Excellent for general decorative ground covering, like around pools, gardens and decks. Available in black, brown, and red.

Black:  $41.75 per Cubic Yard / $5.65 per Bag

Brown:  $40.25 per Cubic Yard / $5.65 per Bag

Red:  $40.25 per Cubic Yard / $5.65 per Bag

Playground Fiber

Virgin wood chips, processed for use in play areas. Naturally non-toxic and doesn’t stick to or stain clothing.

$35.25 per Cubic Yard / $5.00 per Bag

We now have fresh screened topsoil!

We deliver both fresh screened topsoil and a variety of six different types of fresh mulch.

We also offer all of our great mulch in bulk and bags! If you’re interested in buying or just want to learn more, stop by our store, call us at (607) 687-2637 or email us at

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