Mulch Facts In Owego, NY

Mulch Facts

At Got Mulch in Owego, NY, we’re not just here to sell you mulch. We want to teach you to choose the right kind of mulch for your outdoor project! Here are some neat facts about mulch:

Mulch Is More Than Decorative

Mulch retains moisture, retards weeds, provides nutrients, controls erosion and insulates the soil protecting plants from extreme temperature variations.

All Mulches Are Not The Same

There are many producers across the country and around the world. Each uses their own raw materials and implements their own production methods. Due to these factors, you will find an enormous selection of mulches across the country. Make sure you choose the type of mulch that fits your needs.

The most common types that we manufacture at our facility here in the Southern Tier are Hardwood and a limited supply of Hemlock. These mulches will break down and release nutrients into your soil, which makes them ideal for garden use. The colored mulches are primarily for decorative use. Playground fiber is best for play areas like parks. All our mulches help hold moisture, control erosion, and slow down weed growth.

To learn more about mulch or what we have to offer, stop by our store, call us at (607) 687-2637 or email us at

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